Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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"Bitcoin is a technological tour de force"! 

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft

The Two Best Bitcoin Mining Opportunities in the World Revealed After Extensive Research .

Dear Future Associate,

If you have a desire to make a few simple changes in your life, I will show you how to find real happiness and financial freedom in the new digital economy.      

Over the last 40 years, I have build many successful businesses using leverage, smart marketing, and cutting edge promotional ideas.    I have spent nearly two years investigating numerous crypto-currency companies and mining operations and I could only recommend two at this time.

In 1849 some daring and inspired American's made the long trek out west in search of a dream.  In search of their freedom.  It was the search for Gold.  A limited but highly valuable commodity as it was back then and still is today.  Only back then, it could dramatically change your fortunes overnight.  Once word got out, the Gold rush was on and bedlam ensued.

Those who got there early became ultra Rich. However, those who got there years later got little more than crumbs.  Fast forward 168 years and THERE'S A NEW GOLD RUSH UPON US IN 2017-2020.  Only this time it's bigger, better and more impactful due to the wireless digital era we now live in. 

Many analysts predict this will be the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.  It's called Bitcoin, The New Gold Rush.   Did you know $100 of Bitcoin bought in 2010 would now be worth over $200,000,000!  Yes, I said...Two Hundred Million Dollars!

Admittedly Bitcoin isn't nearly as cheap now as it was back in those early days.  In fact, as of the publishing of this blog, one Bitcoin is worth $8,128.00  But don't be concerned with that price, because you can buy fractions of Bitcoin and work your way up to a full Bitcoin, or more.   You can also mine it and I'll show you exactly how to set it up.  Note:  Every 4 years Bitcoin has a halving event which will double Bitcoin's value on each event.

UPDATE:  12/14/17.  Bitcoin value $16,569.00

Here is a recent interview with Billionaire John McAfee you will find revealing.

Update: Bitcoin market is now over $270 Billion!

Top trader explains why Bitcoin is NOT a Bubble

Work within your budget and just get started.  Here's why you need to begin now and start owning fragments of Bitcoin, an entire Bitcoin or several. ONE BITCOIN COULD BE WORTH $50,000 by 2019, and $500,000 by 2022!

The reason is, only a limited number of Bitcoin will ever be produced.  Only 21 million digital coins to be exact.  This means it's a limited and exclusive commodity.  Since 2010, Bitcoin has been the best performing store of wealth year after year against the US dollar.      

If there is one thing that is certain aside from death and taxes, it is that business evolves.  And quite frankly, you have to evolve with it.  Otherwise, you could die a slow, miserable financial death.

Today, technology makes the once complex very simple. The once expensive, much more affordable. The once slow, much faster.  It's rapidly changing the game of marketing and communication.  Anyone that has built a highly successful business will tell you they used the -first mover advantage- secret. It's the secret of spotting trends before others, then acting on it.   

Now is your time to act! 

Here's the Million Dollar question:  "Would you like to purchase a golden Bitcoin egg, or would you rather buy the goose that lays the golden Bitcoin eggs?"  

Here are my two best Bitcoin mining opportunities available worldwide. I have personally verified ownership, registrations and mining pools on the various blockchains. 

(1) Best program worldwide outside the United States

Click Here-Bitclub Global Mining

(2) Best daily profit program worldwide, including United States

Click Here-USI-Tech Daily Bitcoin earning

Honorable mention:

Genesis Mining, Iceland
(Update: Genesis has been sold out of Bitcoin mining for months)

Hash Flare from Estonia has Bitcoin cloud mining available.
Click here for Hash Flare site

You will need to purchase some Bitcoin to participate in these mining programs.


I promise when you review the information on these two mining companies, you might get down on your hands and knees and "give thanks" you were smart enough to get on my team at this perfect time.   

Successfully yours, 

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell, CEO
Coastal Development, LLC

P.S.  I do not give financial or investment advice.  My coaching is focused on helping you set up your mining accounts properly.  

NOTE:  Always keep a portion of your profits on the side for any possible taxes that may be applied to your gains converted back into your home currency.   I suggest finding a tax professional with experience in the crypto-currency market.

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My buddy Joby sharing Bitcoin on his favorite jet.

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